Scrap Wood Projects - Everyone Has Them, So Do We 🙂

If you make things out of wood you pretty much expect some leftover scrap wood.

This is true for almost every woodworking project I’ve ever made as I always have a small amount of left over lumber or scrap wood from cuts that needed to be make.

I have a feeling that I’m not alone in this situation. Many times, those small pieces or scraps sit in the bottom of a wood pile for months or even years until I find a need for them.

Eventually, I always end up working on a project that will need a small piece of walnut, oak, pine, ply-wood, etc. and that’s when I am thankful I kept those small pieces of lumber.

However, those tiny scraps don’t always need to sit on the shelf until you need them for your next build.

So why not use up those scraps by making something different and new!

Think of all the fun and unique gift ideas you could come up with.

Here are a few scrap wood projects for you to sample.


Scrap Wood Projects #1 - Cup Holder + Key Chain

Start off with these two nice, simple little scrap wood projects from hard wood.

Make yourself a few elegant cup holders from the first plan, and follow it up with the unique key chain.

Scrap Wood Projects #2 - An Emergency Light + A Problem Solved 😏

Continue with the next two awesome little projects.

The first one is an emergency candle holder for those times in need,

The second one is a common “problem solved” 🙂


Scrap Wood Project #3 - A Plywood Pot Coaster

This one is a neat little project using plywood!

Everyone can use a pot coaster, right?

It will also make an awesome gift, I promise!

Scrap Wood Projects #4 - A Plywood Shelf. Wow!

Check out this next project that also uses plywood.

Who knew plywood can be used for such awesomeness.

Scrap Wood Projects #5 - A Plywood Shelf. Wow!

We all have a lot of little bits of scrap wood flying around.

It’s too bad that most of it gets thrown away.

So why not make some nice hardwood pendants out of it…

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